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Physics - Waves, Sound, Light

Travels in solids, liquids, and gases. (Page 517)
A process in which sound or light is absorbed and reemitted in all directions. (Page 566)
A repeating, back and forth motion about an equilibrium position. (Page 490)
Sound waves are _______ waves. (Page 497)
Red, green, and blue are called the additive _____ colors of light. (Page 561)
A change in frequency due to the motion of the source is called the _______ effect. (Page 502)
The distance from the top of one crest to the top of the next one. (Page 492)
This light is a combination of all the colors. (Page 555)
A physiological sensation sensed in the brain. (Page 519)
The sharp crack heard when the shock wave that sweeps behind a supersonic aircraft reaches the listeners is called a _____ boom. (Page 505)
The speed of sound depends on the material's _______. (Page 518)
The return of a wave back into its original medium. (Page 579)
Materials that transmit light. (Page 537)
Is formed where light rays cannot reach. (Page 540)
The color of an opaque object is the _____ of the light it reflects. (Page 556)
Whenever the motion of the medium is at right angles to the direction in which a wave travels, the wave is a _______ wave. (Page 497)
We describe our subjective impression about the frequency of sound by the word ______. (Page 515)
Materials that absorb light and allow no light through them. (Page 539)
Massless bundles of concentrated electromagnetic energy. (Page 533)
A disturbance that is transmitted from one place to the next with no actual transport of matter. (Page 490)