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7 Elements of Art (BDT)

Is two-dimensional with length and width, and can be organic or geometric in origin.
A series of values (of a single color) that go from lightest to darkest.
Is described as the area within a work that IS the subject or the point of interest.
When black is added to a color to make it darker.
This exists in three dimensions (length, width and height) and this along with shape define objects in space.
It is one directional and can vary in thickness, direction, and length.
The brightness or darkness of a color.
The surface quality of an object. Can be an actual thing or it can be implied.
Is the area around the subject or point of interest.
When white is added to a color to make it lighter.
Organized on a wheel into categories: 3 primary, 3 secondary and 6 tertiary.