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Wade's science vocab crossword

Teacher: Mrs. Crisco
Chemical and mechanical that breaks down earths surface.
When particles from other rocks are pressed together to make one rock.
Process by which rocks get broken down by wind water and ice, also gravity.
Info about earth and other objects in satellites or probes
Where atoms are arranged to form a crystal.
When a break in earths crust bends over another.
The soil layers of earth
How big a particle size
An acidic measuring scale.
A type of rock that forms from lava or magma.
The look and feel of a rocks surface.
An organism that carries diseases.
Utilization of a natural rescource to prevent depletion.
Planting different crops each year to keep the soil rich
Plowing along the curves to prevent erosion.
A rock that's formed from heat and pressure
Something worth caring for.
Where a break in earths crust slips past another.
Grinding away of other rock particles carried by water, ice and wind.
Connected air spaces where water can seep through.