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Shakespeare's Histories

Wars of the -----
"Let's kill all the -------" (Henry VI Part II).
The first history play.
"We few, we happy few, we band of --------" (Henry V)
Famous Cardinal in Henry VIII.
Katherine of ------ Henry VIII's first wife.
Henry IV also known as ----------
Smashed by RIchard II.
Battle of ---------- features in Henry IV, Part I.
Future queen christened in Henry VIII.
Henry Percy, better know as -------
Eldest of the Princes in the Tower.
King John's nephew.
Henry VI's wife, Margaret of -----
"A horse! A horse! My ------- for a horse!" (Richard III)
Richard III's wife.
Marries Henry V.
Henry V triumphs at this battle.
Richard III's former title, Duke of ----------
Sir John --------, lovable rogue.
Lady --------, Glendower's daughter.
Youngest of the Princes in the Tower.