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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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5th Grade

Any push or pull from one object to another.
A number close to an exact value.
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
The ability to perform work or to change an object.
The ability to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong.
A good habit that helps us to act according to God's love for us.
Something that can be observed about an object without changing the identity of the object.
The answer to an addition problem.
An effective sign given to us by Jesus through which we share in God's life.
The number of square units needed to cover the surface of a closed figure.
The official public prayer of the Church.
The remains or traces of ancient organisms preserved in soil or rock.
A quadrilateral with four right angles; opposite sides are equal and parallel.
The bottom number in a fraction.
Change in position over time.
Followers of Christ who lived lives of holiness on earth and now share in eternal life with God in Heaven.
All those who believe in Jesus Christ, have been baptized in him, and follow his teachings.
Formed by the combination of two or more elements.
A number that has a digit in the tenths place, hundredths, and beyond.
A symbol used to write numbers.