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Term 2: 10th Grade Vocab Review

Deeply remorseful for a bad action
Fond of company
Arrogantly superior
Shy or modest
Very harmful; poisonous
An interruption or statement that does not follow the logical flow of conversation.
A subtle difference
A completely different line of thought; non sequitur
Intending to cause harm
NOUN: a bad-tempered person
Publicly ridicule
A natural talent or skill
A character or situation that is very typical. It fits a predetermined mold.
To increase
A type of irony that happens when something in direct contrast to the expected occurs
Formal release from guilt
Advancing in a gradual way to cause harm
To verbally rip apart
The beginning of the story when the characters and setting are introduced.
To hate or loathe
A saying that has been overused to the point of triteness.
Refrain oneself from doing or enjoying something
Excessive or foolish boldness
To cheat someone out of money
The state of being known and celebrated by many