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Trumpet Call of the Bride Crossword

Teacher:  Noreen Jacks
Topic:  Customs and Manner
Teaching:  Trumpet Call of the Bride of Christ
Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac
It was used to deceive Jacob into marrying Leah.
To listen and respond accordingly.
We are to enter the prayer room with _____ and the fear of God.
The meaning of Tamay
The tradition of the white wedding gown started with Queen ________.
A long established custom or practice.
Nidah laws are believed to increase ______, passion, and fertility.
Laws of Separation
Hebrew word for marriage
The shofar announces the calling of two
To dip into, immerse.
The bachelor party originated with the soldiers of ancient _____.
The shofar is likened to _____ in Scripture.
Bridal _____ were made of garlic and herbs in ancient days.
Used to woo a mate or as an engagement announcement.
Severed horn of a ritually pure animal.
Cleansing waters that have been proclaimed ritually pure and blessed.
The length of an engagement period.
To sound the ram's horn.
A pool of water that symbolizes the womb.
Dill was known as the herb of _____.
The bridal shower evolved out of necessity when a father was unable to provide a ______.