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Chapter 8 - Law Library

Books that contain published court decisions
Authority such as case law and analysis from other jurisdications on a case in which mandatory legal authority is ambiguous or non-existent.
Laws passed durning a legislative session and compiled in volumes
Sessions laws enacted by Congress
Persuasive or mandatory case law that has not been overruled and may be used to support arguments in pleadings
Books that cover specific areas of the law, usually dealing with a specific topic
Published daily, contains federal administrative rules and regulations
Directory containing names, addresses, specialties and ratings of lawyers
Legal authority such as the Constitution, codes, statutes, ordinances and case law
Legal authority such as legal encyclopedias, treatises, legal texts, law review articles; writings that set forth the opinion of the writer as to the lawyer
A service providing replacement pages by a publisher in areas of the law where changes occur at a rapid rate
The opinion of the court
Checking subsequent history of a reported court decision to make sure it has not been overturned by a higher court
Publication that explains the law in a particular field
Law established by judicial decisions made in court cases
Clause of the US Constitution that neither Congress nor any state legislature may enact laws in conflict with the US Constitution
Rule established by authority; may be a municipal statute of a city council regulating such matters as zoning, building, safety, matters of municipalities, etc.
Books that state principles of law supported by footnote references to pertinent cases through the US
A publication that lists the citations
Summary of each point of law contained in the court decisions of a reported case
Paperback pamphlets published weekly that contain reporter cases, including correct volume and page numbers
Primary legal authority that the court is required to follow
A detailed index by subjecton points of law covered by reported cases