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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

By: Icema Castle
Assassinated the 16th president (full name)
What Lewis Powell and David Herold did
What happened to the conspirators after they were captured and sentenced.
Person who gave the medical attention to Booth's leg after he shot Lincoln
Where the conspirators meetings were held; Powell hid there (put last name of the person who owned it)
An emotion displayed by Booth after the Confederate surrendered (start with Dr)
To murder (an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.
Attacked William Seward
Fellow conspirator; owner of boarding house
The body of water they planned to cross to get to Virginia (finish with the body of water it was)
Spouse of Abraham Lincoln (middle name not included)
President found on a penny
Who was supposed to kill the vice president
Lincolns final resting place (city and state)
Place Lincoln was assassinated (put full name)
Initiated man hunt for Booth; Secretary of War (first and last name)
First Doctor to tend to Lincoln after he was shot (start it with Dr.)
Booth's companion who fled with him from the authorities
Safe haven for Booth because of strong Confederate support