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Landmark Cases

Teacher: Wheaton
Undocumented children have a right to a public education
Student records privacy and protection
School initiated prayer violates First Amendment
Disciplining students with disabilities
Fair funding of schools-California case
A union representative may be able to attend a disciplinary interview
Washington State Laws
Protection against employment discrimination
School funding, paramount duty for ample funding
Due process of law, right to an attorney
Freedom of religion, establishment clause
Separate but equal
Obscene speeches in school not allowed
Failed to make provisions for non-English speaking students
Student due process rights before suspension
Prayer prior to public meetings
Washington Administrative Code
Free Appropriate Public Education
Freedom of Expression, armbands
Hiring of high school coaches
Due process rights prior to termination of employment
Right to a lawyer and right to remain silent
Corporal Punishment
Student speech, newspaper
Must provide basic educational needs to meet IEP goals
Protection for the Homeless
Expand rights for undocumented people
Segregation not allowed-Racial discrimination in public education is unconstitutional
Right to direct the upbringing of one's own children
Smoking in the bathroom
Educating students with disabilities
Legal abortion in certain circumstances, woman's right to privacy