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Shakespeare's Comedies

Loves Proteus.
The casket that contains Portia's picture.
Quote: "All that -------- is not gold".
Loved by Rosalind.
The Merchant Of Venice.
The shrew!
Play: The Comedy Of ------
Clown in 'As You Like It'.
Tries to seduce Mistress Ford.
Heroine of 'Measure For Measure'.
One of 'The Two Gentlemen Of Verona'.
Queen of the fairies.
Son of the witch Sycorax.
One of the Princess of France's ladies in 'Love's Labour's Lost'.
Shylock's daughter.
Loves Beatrice.
Wife of Leontes in 'The Winter's Tale'.
Loves Miranda.
Setting of The Merry Wives.
The Duke of Illyria
Viola's brother in 'Twelfth Night'.
Adriana's sister.
Shepherd who loves Phoebe.
Helena's unwilling husband in 'All's Well That Ends Well'.
Prospero's spirit servant.