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AAS Step 12 - Vowel Suffixes

Producing or capable of producing the most noise; easily audible.
Of or at the lowest temperature, when compared with other things.
Of, like, or appropriate to a child; silly and immature,
(of food, typically cooked food) Having a pleasingly firm, dry, and brittle surface or texture.
The action or movement of a runner.
The production of books, newspapers, or other printed material; or handwriting in which the letters are written separately rather than being joined together.
The process of making plans for something.
A person who helps someone else.
A person or thing who/which propels the body through water by using the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal) by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.
The activity of spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.
Containing oil; covered or soaked with oil.
Having or maintaining an upright position, supported by one's feet; rise to one's feet.
Coming to an end; ceasing to happen. (present participle).
The act of cutting (something) into small pieces with repeated sharp blows using an ax or knife.
sleeping lightly or briefly, especially during the day.
More covered or saturated with water (or another liquid) than someone or something else.