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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Words

Simon, Lofton, Diebboll, weather, whether, here, hear, where, wear, principal, principle, there,
their, atlas, thesaurus, dictionary, almanac
To have on one's body for protection or decoration
If you are not here, you are _________
Expressing a choice between two things
A book of map or charts
Your reading teacher
What you do with your ear
Where you would look for the meaning of a word
A truth or idea behind one's thoughts
In what place or postion.. _____ are you today?
The state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature, wind, rain, and so on
Your science and social studies teacher
Something belonging to someone
A person with authority- Dr. Ballou
A book that lists synonyms
In or at a place..not there but _____
An annual calendar containing dates and information
A Superhero who teaches your math class during the day