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All about Mrs. Law

I still hold the high school record for over 1,000 point in this sport.
My dog is this breed.
I am not a fan of the airport in "The City of Lights".
My favorite dessert is.
My desired vacation place would be to this continent.
What baseball team from my home city finally broke "The Billy Goat Curse".
This major mountain range forms the Western slope of our state.
This university recruited me to play my main sport for them.
This is the name of my nine month old son.
What is my husband's last name?
I have ___ number of brothers and sisters.
My favorite type of movie is.
What sport did my husband play in college?
I am currently the head coach of my sport at this high school.
My favorite ski town contains Peaks 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10.
Soldier Field is the home base for my favorite football team.
My childhood home is located near this Great Lake.
I was born and raised in "The Land of Lincoln"
My dog is named after Goose's buddy in the movie "Top Gun".
My favorite color is the same color as my eyes.
This is John Denver's song about Colorado.
I grew up in the suburbs near this city referred to as "The Windy City".
I played my sport professionally in this country.
My husband graduated from my university's major rival.
This is the mascot of the university I graduated from.
I am 6'2". How many inches tall am I?
I played volleyball professionally in this "Sound of Music" city.
I played international volleyball in this number of countries.
My honeymoon was to the "Eternal City".