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2017 Miami Soccer

I used to competitively ski
I did gymnastics my senior year of high school.
My middle name is spelled Renea but pronounced like Renee.
I like ketchup on plain noodles
I have a red birthmark on my head like avatar.
I can disform my nose.
I was born in North Carolina
One of my nostrils is bigger than the other
I like the smell of skunk
When my youngest sibling graduates high school my oldest sibling will be 35 years old
I "did" ballet.
I am a diagnosed shop-aholic & love fashion.
Grew up playing the flute and piano.
My dad knows Brad Pitt.
I was in the rotc program in high school.
I met David Beckham.
I use to be a Cheerleader
I have been scuba diving and swam next to a shark!
I won a national championship for a league that I don't play for. In fact, the team I played on wasn't supposed to be in the tournament.
I went to nationals for academic games four years in a row.
I used to have a pet chicken named rose.
I use to work at a bakery
My uncle coaches for the NYC giants
I met and have a pic with Mia Hamm
My dad played baseball at Miami.
I coached a team that named themselves the Blue Moon
I am related to Ben Affleck
I've rewatched friends 9 times
My pinky toenails don't grow