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Science Unit 1 Vocabulary

Cameron Philips
Limits placed on the design or completion of a project. (ex. Time, Money, Materials)
Modify your design; repeating steps 1-4 until your prototype is working correctly
Ask a question or find a problem that needs solving
Any piece of information acquired through observation or experimentation
A pattern, plan, representation, or description designed to show the structure or workings of an object, system, or concept
This is the variable that is changed or controlled in an experiment
Deciding whether the cost of doing something is worth the benefit provided
A test model of the product
The process of creating technology
Engineering Design Process
Technology that helps living organisms but does not change them permanently
Technology that "CHANGES" living organisms
Imagine the possible answers/solutions
Make a prototype and test your theory
This is the variable that is the result
The application of engineering to living things
An explanation that is based on prior scientific research or observations that can be tested
The products and processes that are designed to serve our needs
Draw a diagram/blueprint and make a list of materials