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Georgia Geography

Sean Graham
The largest fresh water swamp in North America
Piedmont is also called ____.
Physiographic region where the Okefenokee Swamp is located
Major city in the Blue Ridge Region
The ____ River forms a border between Georgia and South Carolina
The ____ Plateau is the smallest physiographic region in Georgia
Point where Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama come together
Covered the Coastal Plains in prehistoric times.
"Carpet Capital"
Tallest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains
The nation where Georgia is located
The region in the U.S. that Georgia is located in
An important industry in 4 of the 5 physiographic regions of Georgia
State Capital of Georgia
A large stone outcropping in the Piedmont Region of Georgia
Georgia is located in the ____ and Western Hemispheres
This tribe's burial mounds are located in the Ridge and Valley Region of Georgia
Georgia's little Grand Canyon
The ____ protect the mainland from water and wind erosion.
The ____ River forms a border between Georgia and Alabama.
Georgia's most populated region