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Psychology 17.2

SS 111
A therapist's consistent expression of acceptance for the patient, no matter what the patient says & does
The apparent sudden realization of the solution to a problem
A method used to examine the unconscious; the patient is instructed to say whatever comes into his or her mind
Reflects the belief that the client and therapist are partners in therapy
Focuses on the value, dignity & worth of each person; holds that healthy living is the result of realizing one's full potential
The process experienced by the patient of feeling toward an analyst or therapist the way he or she feels or felt toward some other important figure in his or her life
empathic listening in which the listener echoes, restates, and clarifies the speakers thoughts & concerns
The reluctance of a patient either to reveal painful feelings or to examine long-standing behavior patterns
A technique used by psychoanalysts to interpret the content of patients' dreams
Therapy aimed at making patients aware of their unconscious motives so that they can gain control over their behavior
The free flow of images and ideas, with no particular direction