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Forensic Science Crossword

Answer Key
Measurements of physical characterisitics
Tiny features that appearson the ridges of fingerprint (2 words)
Setting of a fire with criminal intent
After death
Microscopic powder dispersed when a gun is fired (2 words)
A poison or harmful substance
The study of insects
The study of blood and other body fluids
Lie detector
Crime conducted on the internet
The study of guns, bullets, and trajectories
Stiffness of a corpse that sets in hours after death
Counterfeiting for the purpose of fraud or deception
The process of rotting or decaying
The study of drugs and poisons
A graphic representation of a person's speech pattern
The path a flying projectile follows
Forensic dentistry
Scientist who studies criminal behavior
The act of killing another person
The medical examination of a corpse to determine cause of death