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Psychology 20.1.2

SS 111
(BEHAVIOR) The process of taking a public position that contradicts one's private attitude
Incorporating the values, ideas, and standards of others as a part of oneself
Predisposition to act, think & feel in particular ways toward a class of people, objects or ideas
a belief or expectation that helps to make itself true
Seeing oneself as similar to another person or group & accepting the attitudes of another person or group as one's own
A change of behavior to avoid discomfort or rejection & gain approval
The uncomfortable feeling when a person experiences contradictory or conflicting thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings or behaviors
The need to rationalize one's attitude and behavior
How we see or describe ourselves; our self-perception
Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience; formed opinions based on insufficient evidence that are not easily changed
The unequal treatment of individuals on the basis of their race, ethnic group, age, gender or membership in another category rather than on the basis of individuals characteristics