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Geography Terms

Triangle-shaped area of land at the mouth of a river
Flat-topped mountain with steep sides
Opening in the earth, often raised, through which lava, rock, ashes, and gases are forced out.
Deepest part of a body of water
Area of flat land along a sea or ocean
Area of flat or gently rolling low land
Point of land that extends into water
Place where a river empties into another body of water
Chain of mountains
Narrow channel of water connecting two larger bodies of water
Stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
Narrow strip of land connecting two larder areas of land
Area of grassland and scattered trees
Bowl shaped area of land surrounded by higher land.
Area of low, wet land with trees
Large ice mass that moves slowly down a mountain or across land
Level of the surface of an ocean or a sea
Lowland with moist soil and tall grassess
Place where a river begins
Inlet of the sea of of some other body of water, usually smaller than a gulf
Gap between mountains
Area along which rivers form waterfalls or rapids as the rivers drop to lower land
Any area of water extending into the land from a larger body of water
Deep, narrow valley with steep sides
Land that is almost completely surrounded by water
Area of high, mostly flat land
Part of a sea or ocean extending into the land, usually larger than a bay