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Biology - Ch 1

Name _________________________________
The sum of all the chemical processes in a living thing
The preservation and wise use of natural resources
Change in response to the environment
The state of being set apart or valued
The study of ethical issues that arise as the result of new advances in biology and medicine
An orderly way of investigating phenomena by using measurable and repeatable observations
The first command God gave to man
A model that attempts to explain a set of observations
The use of living systems and organisms to produce new products and technologies
The perspective that a person uses to view and interpret the world
All living things are made of _____
A simple, testable statement that predicts an answer to a question being investigated
A simple, workable representation of a complex object or concept
Data collected using the five senses
Man is created in the _______ ___ _____
All cells come from _________ cells
The explanation or meaning given to a set of observations
A movement that seeks to improve and protect the quality of the natural environment
A model that describes the relationship between two or more phenomena
The study of life
A method used to collect data