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The Geography of New Mexico

The imaginary line that creates the eastern and western hemispheres. NMJ10
White Sands and __ are two of New Mexico's features that are often classified as "natural wonders" NMJ31
Imaginary lines that mark location east and west of the prime meridian. NMJ10
This is a 30,000 mile stretch of land in the Great Plains area of NM and Texas. NMJ30
This province is very large. It extends from north-central NM to Western Canada. It also holds many of NM's ski resorts. NMJ10
The exact address of your house. NMJ10
Half of the world NMJ10
An area of land in which the features visibly change is called a ___ NMJ25
The human and natural features of an area are known as ___ NMJ11
0 degrees latitude NMJ10
Imaginary lines that run north and south of the equator. NMJ10
__ is New Mexico's biggest environmental concern (class discussions)
A description of where you live. NMJ10
NM's largest cities are located in this province because it has land and water available. NMJ32
Gallup is located in the ___ province. NMJ10
A group of places that have some things in common. NMJ13
Study of the earth and everything on it. NMJ10
NM is located in the ___ region of the United States. NMJ14
This resource and energy saving activity is an example of human-environment interaction. (class discussion)
The way people, ideas, and products travel around the world. NMJ12