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High Risk Environmental Scan

R. Oakeley-Griffith Shared Governance Initiative
Lobby/exam room ________in good repair.
Environmental scans should occur at least ______and failure points should be addressed....
No medications or ______are expired.
Hallways are clear _____for crash carts....
Results of environmental scans should be used for ______ _______.....
No doors ______open and lock/latches are working properly.
Nothing is _____on the floor.
_______ bags are placed in appropriate bins in soiled utility; linen/cart is covered.
Quality and Patient safety will conduct random ______ ______.
ID badges are worn _____waist.
_____ _____are clean and in good repair.
POCT controls/strips are labeled with 3 month ______(or manufacturer expiration date, whichever come first....
Hand _____ gel. dispensers functional
How many areas do we use when carrying out an Environmental scan?
____are not blocked, and equipment is stored appropriately.
Hand hygiene ____dispensers functional.
No ______or cracked ceiling tiles.
Do not send environmental scans to______ ___ ______Safety.
Patient ______no unsecured logs, labels or computer screens.
18" ______clearance
No______or cracked ceiling tiles.
Patient ______rooms: logs current, all food is labeled, no items are expirations, no staff food in patient refrigerator.
Medication rooms are clean and ______, including floors.
No ______are being transported in pockets (inappropriate "storage")
______manuals are up to date and stored in medication room(to include: formulary, med room access list)
Patient _____ in place
Crash/BLS cart and other ____are current and complete.