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law terms

a sudden, unforeseen happening which requires action to correct or to protect lives and/or property.
a written agreement in which the owner of property
the list of people selected to appear for jury duty.
one who acquires property upon the death of another, based on the rules of descent and distribution, namely, being the child, descendant or other closest relative of the dear departed
a legal duty to pay or do something.
an equal level
federal tax on large gifts
a brief writing, note, summary or outline
to confirm and adopt the act of another even though it was not approved beforehand.
land bounded by a fence, wall, hedge, ditch or other physical evidence of boundary.
he right of a mortgagor (person owing on a loan or debt against their real property), after commencement of foreclosure proceedings, to "cure" his/her default by making delinquent payments.
careless in not fulfilling responsibility
a sum of money due to another.
to fail to occur, particularly a gift made in a will.
a governmental assessment (charge) upon property value, transactions (transfers and sales), licenses granting a right and/or income.
nothing or zero.
an actual thing or happening, which must be proved at trial