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Chapter 4 Business Writing

Proper format, correct spelling, and grammar
Writing strategy that starts with the main pt. follows up with secondary details, end on positive note
Combines all principles of effective business writing
Attitude of friendliness and goodwill; "you-attitude."
Answers who, what why, how, where and when?
% allotted to proofreading
Ranges from 1-4 pages and highlights the major findings of a longer document
Informal messages requesting information, enforces agreements, delivers short reports; internal communication
Allows you edit your writing to make sure you have included all elements of effective business writing
Bad news feedback
The doer of the action is often buried in the object of a preposition
% allotted to planning and writing
Includes direct, indirect bad news, and indirect persuasive writing
Avoids wordy expressions, trite phases, and useless repetition
Primary communication in most organizations
Audience feels eager, interested, pleased, and neutral
Avoids familiar words and jargon, checks for readability
Various forms that allow people interact and share information online
Audience feels displeased disappointed, unwilling, uninterested
Avoids vague words, general expressions, or disagreeable mental pictures
Written by one person who makes frequent but not daily updates
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
% allotted to revising and editing
Used to communicate with internal and external audiences
Good news feedback