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3rd Grade Art Facts

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“2-D” stands for two-dimensional, which means an object is ______.
The ___________is a tool artists use to organize and understand the basic colors.
“3-D” stands for _________, which means an object has thickness.
Each secondary color contains _____ primary colors.
The remaining empty space is called _________.
The 6 colors in the ________ are the Primary and Secondary Colors.
The ________ of Art are: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture, and Space.
The _________ colors are: ORANGE, GREEN, and VIOLET.
The ________ we use in art are called the Elements of Art, and the Principles of Design.
The objects that take up space in a picture are called __________.
A _____________ is the material or technique used to create an artwork.
Using lines, shapes and colors to create something with meaning.
Line ________ is what the line looks like: rough, jagged, fat, skinny, short, long, curved, zigzag, straight.
The ________ of Design are: Balance, Movement, Rhythm, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, and Unity.
The ________colors are: RED, BLUE, and YELLOW.