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Geometry vocab #1

A quadrilateral with 2 sides being parallel.
Lines that never meet
A triangle 2 sides being equal.
Goes on forever in 1 direction and ending with a point at the other
Two rays that share an end point
A triangle with all sides being equal
A triangle with a 90 degree angle
Formed by 2 intersecting lines that are always equal to each other.
A quadrilateral with 4 sides being equal
The end point where two rays meet.
A closed shape with straight sides
A polygon with 3 sides
Have sides that make a straight line and measure 180 degrees.
The dot at the end of a line segment
A quadrilateral with Two pairs of parallel lines
A quadrilateral with Two pairs of parallel lines with all angles being right angles.
Two lines that intersect to make right angles
4 equal sides all 4 being right angles
A polygon with 4 sides
That part of math that has to do with shapes
A triangle with 1 angle being more than 90 degrees
A triangle where all 3 angles are less than 90 degrees
Part of a line each end ending in points
Goes on forever in both directions