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Geography & History

This continent is home to three countries, including ours!
Gives the location of a place on Earth, north or south of the equator
To fly from New York to London, you must cross this ocean
A theme of geography that desribes what a place is like, such as it's landforms, animal life, and people
This type of culture shows how people have lived; including things like tools, buildings, and works of art
Temperatures of this ocean range from minus 30 to minus 70 degrees Celcius
Gives the location of a place on Earth going east or west
Emperor penguins call this continent home
This theme in geography describes how people interact with where they live and visa versa
This type of source is a record that is made sometime after an event
The field of science devoted to the land, people, and phenomena of the Earth
The type of location that can be identified by latitude and longitude coordinates
The longest line of latitude, at 0 degrees
The "prime" is only one of these that extend from pole to pole, like the segments on a peeled orange
A theme of geography which describes migrations of all types
Good day, mate!
Historians collect, interpret, and analyze this
Something that made by human hands
The best of these tell WHY something happened, not just facts and dates
The 2016 Olympic games were hosted by this continent , in its largest country
Ferdinand Magellan named this ocean, meaning peaceful
This type of source is a record made at or near the time of an event
In medieval times, think castles and knights and you've got this continent!
Also a theme in geography, it can describe what a place shares in common, such as language or culture
This ocean borders western Australia, southern Asia, and western Africa
The type of location that can be general and describes where something is in relation to something else
More people live on this continent than any other