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Higher Education

Easter changes everything!
Been trained. I have __ in whatever state I am to be content. Philippians 4:11
Outdo. There is no education that can __ privations. Japanese proverb
Roman #6
Be seated. Everybody, sooner or later, will __ down to a banquet of circumstances. Robert Louis Stevenson
Relieves. Studying Scripture __ fears of life's Final Exam
School of Life (ab)
Distress signal. Prayer is an __
Go inside. Be converted & U will __ the kingdom of heaven. Matt18:3
Prickly desert plant
Private teacher. The past is the __ of tomorrow
Difficult. The School of __ Knocks is an accelerated curriculum
Bread shape or be lazy
South America (ab)
Associated Press (ab)
Danger. Thinking U can outsmart God leads 2 __ & perdition
Comprehensive. A __ knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education. Teddy Roosevelt
Healing plant. Scripture is an __ 4 the soul
Butchered. Some say texting __ proper English
Like, while
God calls Himself "I __ that I __"
Despite my education, I will end up in heaven __ hell
Greater. A peaceable man does __ good than a learned one. Thomas Kempis
Mandatory. Experience is called __ education
Males. __ should get an education even if they already know everything
Lake Eerie state of Columbus & Indians
Is indebted to. A soul __ its education to life, not school
Department of Learning University (ab)
Restaurant food list
Dark grain bread
Perform. To be happy, __ the Bible, don't just read it
Classic Christian Chinese author, Watchman __
Sight organ. A watchful __ must be kept on ourselves lest we build monuments here but fail to have our names written on the Annals of Heaven. Madison
Coin opening
Title of respect 4 a man
Thrash. Scripture says, regardless of your education, U will __ in hell if U don't repent. Luke 13:3
Appears. Education w/o religion __ 2 make man a more clever devil. CS Lewis
Observed. All I have __ teaches me 2 trust the Creator 4 all I have not __. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Littlest. The __ expensive education is to learn from the mistakes of others
Top players. Saints R spiritual __
Not ever. He who has __ learned to obey cannot be a good commander. Aristotle
End of life on earth. I learn, to the faithful, __ is the gateway to life. Milton
Donkey. Some insist on learning the hard way that sin will make an __ out of U
Spanish 4 yes
Rob. A measure of our spiritual maturity is what it takes to __ our joy. Skip Hietzig
Panoramic view. Scripture gives U God's __
Despicable, licelike creep. A __ is not welcome in any house, esp. the White House
Not out. Trust __ Jesus 2 get in heaven
Instructors. In the End Times fools will surround themselves with false __ who tell them what they want 2 hear. 2 Timothy 4:3
Make mistakes. Jesus said U __, not knowing Scripture. Matthew 22:29
Existence. Education is __, not school
Corporation made up of mergers
Blacker. The __ the night, the brighter the stars; the deeper the grief, the closer is God. Dostoyevsky
Hawaiian porridge
Sm round green veggie
Lantern. The Bible is a __ 4 my feet. Psalm 119:105
Instrument. Fear is a __ of the devil 2 keep us miserable. Fear presents everything from a negative viewpoint. Joyce Meyer
German cathedral town
False teaching. __ is the school of pride. G. Herbert
Lair. Hatred is a __ of iniquity
Education. We learn not 4 __ but 4 life. Seneca
Quantity. A lie always has a certain __ of credibility with those who wish 2 believe it
Liquid grease
Except. Learning 2 get away with it is not good __ it is right 2 get away with it. Socrates
Comply. He who has learned how 2 __ will know how 2 command. Solon
Not me. __ will do well 2 learn the religion of Jesus Christ. George Washington
Chances. __ R U will profit if U train your brain
Just. Repetition in nature may not be a __ recurrence; it may be a theatrical encore. GK Chesterton
Messages. The godly do not fear bad __; they R fearless & confident God will care 4 them. Psalm 112:6=8
Yet, still. If U live right, education will help U know __ more. Proverbs 9:9
Not off
That is (ab)
Male pronoun