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6th Science: 1.1-1.2

An underwater insectivorous plant
The main root that is particularly deep
Tiny projections near the end of the root that seek out water and nutrients
Plants that never touch the ground
The special leaves of a cactus
Tough, fibrous material that forms that cell wall
A chemical process that produces food for a plant
Tiny packages of chlorophyll
The pigment or coloring of a leaf
Tiny holes or pores in a leaf that allows air to enter
Part of the plant that produces the plant's growth
Plants that climb upward as they grow
The fleshy leaves of a plant that grow underground
The food plants need to live
A layer of tough protective cells around the tip of a root
Every part of the plant that is visible above the ground
Types of plants that eat insects
A stem that grows along the surface of the ground
The waxy covering on a leaf
The large vein on a leaf that runs up the middle