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Reading Response Inquiry 1

This theory takes the cognitive-constructivist theory and applies it to real world texts.
Knowledge that you already obtain and can now use it in everyday situations.
The part of teaching that is telling the students how to do something.
The ability for one to use what they learn in many different contexts.
Supporting and giving children just enough help on their way to accomplishing a task.
The part of teaching that allows students to try what has been instructed on their own.
The meaning a reader obtains from a material that is also helped to be formed by a reader's past life experiences.
These types of teachers create stimulating learning environments in their classrooms.
Being able to use written information to function as a member of society.
To be able to understand a text.
A component of comprehension; A package of knowledge that we use in certain situations.
Being able to read well for a continuos period of time.
A " word bank" that we can use to construct our everyday conversations. Children's usually contain around 5,000 words.
The connection that exists between letters and how they sound.
Something that we do easily and effortlessly such as recognizing words.
The ability to understand what your own thought process is.
Actions a reader has in store to recover if they come upon a point in text they can not understand.
A teacher's response to a student's work/progress.
The ability to determine what words say.
One of his most influential work as a philosopher was the creation and explanation of the term zone of proximal development.