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7th Science: 1.1-1.3!

Living things
Study of animals
Environments that consist of oceans and seas
Study of organisms that are too small to see
Active mainly during the day
The ability to maintain a stable internal function
Scientific name for flowers
The smallest unit of living things
Hot springs found on the ocean floor
Study of plants
Study of an organisms structure functions
Environments that consist of rivers, streams, and lakes
Active mainly at night
An organism that contains many different types of cells that each perform different functions
An organism that consists of a single cell that performs all its functions
Study of organisms interacting with their surroundings
Study of living things
Substances in food that provide organisms with energy
The home of an organism
The sum of all the chemical processes of life
Everything surrounding the organism being studied
Study of an organisms shape and structure
Habitats in trees
Scientific name for animals