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Teacher: Mrs. DiMaina
Characteristics of an organism (ex. hair color or being neat)
The scientific study of heredity
Pollen from a plant enters the pistil of the same plant
A trait that always shows up in an organism when the allele is present
An organism that always has offspring with the same form of the trait as the parents
The stamen (which holds the pollen) is removed from one plant and then pollen from another plant is given to the stamenless plant
The passing of traits from parent to offspring or one generation to another
A chart used by geneticists to determine all the possible combinations of alleles in a genetic cross
When the alleles are neither dominant or recessive which results in both alleles being shown in the organism (ex. a black and white kitten)
The likelihood that a particular event will occur
Another term used by geneticists to describe and organism with 2 different allelels
An allele that gets covered up (hidden) when the dominant allele is present
Different forms of a gene
An organism's genetic make-up or allele combination.
A trait an organism gets from its parents
Another term used by geneticists to describe an organism with 2 identical alleles
A complex chemical found in the cell's nucleus containing the directions on how the body should work properly to produce certain traits
An organism's physical characteristics (ex. brown hair)
The names given to the factors that control traits