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Saints We Spoke About This Year

St. Philip's Servers End of the Year Banquet Crossword Puzzle
This saint went to Molokai in Hawaii to work with those who had leprosy.
Like a lion, Pope St. _____ the Great went to meet with the army of Attila the Hun.
He was a hermit who lived in Lebanon.
St. Agatha was a virgin and a ______
St. Therese of Lisieux joined this religious order.
St. Francis taught us that all animals are made by ______.
The saints of the Theban Legion grew up in the country of the Pharaohs.
St. John Marie Vianney, the patron saint of priests who sometimes hear confession for this many hours each day.
St. Genevieve is the patroness of the largest city in France.
Pope St. Pius X lowered the age of first _____ Communion to the around grade 2.
St. John Neumann fluently spoke this number of languages
St. Brendan was called the Vo______
__________ Thomas is the nickname of this Apostle who was not with the others when Jesus first appeared after his Resurrection and did not believe.
This beautiful young lady snuck away from her wealthy home in Assisi to become a nun and to follow St. Francis of Assisi.
This St. Thomas was killed in his cathedral by knights.
St Edmund Campion was killed in England because he was a Catholic p_______.
St. ________ Magdalene was the first one to tell the Apostles that Jesus had risen.
St. Edith Stein was raised in this faith before becoming Catholic.
St. Frances Cabrini left this country to help immigrants in the USA.