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Africa's environmental issues

The rebirth of a soul in a new body
A rule of ethical conduct
The doctrines of Buddha
The oldest and most widely practiced religion
The five bases of Islamic faith
A class structure that is determined by birth
A belief in one god
Enamellike varnish containing asphalt
The three baskets or collections
A fine white or translucent virtrified ceramic material
One who has attained wisdom
A religion originated by Buddha
The second most populous country in the world
A divine being in Shinto religion
Known as the awakened one (Buddha)
Submission to the will of god
Known as Ruism
The study of ideas about knowledge
Belief in many gods
The entire body of Hindu scared writing
A distinctive term of common religious creed
Pertaining to or characteristic of people
The Japanese Ethnic religion
An Arabic baby name
The Islamic scared book