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Chapter 14 - Criminal Law

Pleading to initiate a criminal proceeding
Act in violation of penal laws for which specific punishment is prescribed
Change in location of a trial
Felony cases punishable by death
Actual restraint of a person for submission tobail custody
Motion by a criminal defendant that requests details of an offense
Written accusation issued by a grand jury against a defendant
Written accusation against a defendant
Sentence imposed for commission of a crime where the convicted criminal is released into the community under supervision by a probation officer in lieu of lincarceration
Instance where a grand jury finds no probable cause of a crime having been committed
Criminal offiense punishable by fine or imprisonment of less than one year
Initial appearance in a misdemeanor case to plead to the criminal charge
The document generated by the grand jury of probable cause exists to believe a crime has been committed
A judgment of not guilty by a jury
Means by which crimnal defendants after exhausting direct appellate remedies seek to attack the conditions of confinement or otherwise indirectly attacking a conviction
Issued by a judge when a finding is made of probable cause exists to believe a named individual has committed a criminal offense
Body assembled to investigate comlaints in criminal cases, hear evidence and determine probable cause if a crime has been committed and an indictment should be issued
Written guaranty executed by a defendant and surety to ensure a defendant appears in court
Person/entity who posts bond
Punishable by fine or imprisonment for in excess of one year, or both
Security given for release from jail guaranteeing attendance at all court appearances