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Amiyah's Cell Crossword

Where do you find the DNA in a cell
Membrane bound organelle that converts fuel into energy that is available to the rest of the cell
A sac used to store food, enzymes, and other materials needed by a cell
Membrane system of folded sacs and interconnected channels that serves as the site for protein and lipid synthesis
Semifluid material inside the cell's plasma membrane
The site of ribosome production within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells
Vesicles that contain substances that digest excess or worn out organelles and food particles
Simple cell organelle that helps manufacture proteins
Double-membrane organelle that captures light energy and converts it to chemical energy through photosynthesis
Flattened stack of membranes that modifies,sorts, and packages proteins
Thick, rigid, mesh of fibers that surrounds the outside of the plasma membrane, and provides support and protection