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Chapter 15 - Family Law

Custody granted to maintain primary home for a child in a divorce action
Intentional termination of pregnancy
Access or secondary custody to children in a divorce or dissolution of marriage matter
No fault ground for divorce
Custody allowing the parent to be extensively involved in major decision making for the child's welfare
Divorce granted on the ground of irreconcilable differences
A _____ marriage is authorized by legisllative action and validated according to statutes for licensing, solemnization and registration
Alimony received during pendency of an action to dissolve a marriage
______ marriage is an agreement between two people to marry, followed by living together and representing to the public as husband and wife, where permitted
Party against whom a dissolution of marriage proceeding is initiated
Area of law deakling with family
Legal termination of a marriage (dissolution)
Proceeding establishing a marriage never existed
Personal appointed by the court to represent the interests of a child in a legal proceeding
Spousal maintenance (support)
______ divorce uses negotiation techniques and expert financial and counseling assistance to mediate a divorce
Legal process where a child is taken into one's family and given all rights and privileges of a natural child
A _____ hearing reserves the property settlement, child custody and support matters for consideration later
Custody shared between both parents equally