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Shakespeare's Heroines

Heroine of 'All's Well That Ends Well'.
Loved by Romeo.
Cymbeline's daughter.
Pretends to be a lawyer.
The Shrew's sister.
Loves Hamlet.
Loved by Orsino.
Henry VIII's first wife.
Lives with her father on an island.
Queen of Egypt.
This good daughter has two wicked sisters!
Dresses as a man to seek Proteus.
Wicked Iago's trusting wife.
Queen of the Fairies.
Hero's cousin, loves Benedick.
Shylock's disobedient daughter.
Othello's faithful wife.
King Leontes' wronged wife.
Wants to be a nun, tries to save her brother.
Falstaff tries to seduce this lady.
Plays a boy pretending to be a girl.