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Solar System Vocabulary

Earth Systems


has an impact on the occurrence of ice ages
The innermost layer of Earth
Energy released in an earthquake
The amount of matter packed into a substance
Found in orbits between Jupiter and Mars
suggests that the solar system evolved from a giant rotating cloud of gas and dust
this process powers the sun & the Earth’s core
"a shooting star"
A cloud of dust and gas in space
Occurs when Earth is in a straight line in between the sun and the moon
occurs when the moon is in a straight line between the earth and the sun
the motion of a planet spinning on it’s axis
Has very low density, thick atmosphere and no solid surface.
Examples: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
The study of the universe
the motion of a planet moving on an orbit around the sun
thin, rocky outer layer of Earth
The shape of a planet's orbit
A small body of rock and metal held together by frozen gases
contains molten rock which cycles through convection currents