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Lesson 2 Family Bible Study

God's blessing is not based on your___.
The ___ will live by faith.
Jesus healed the__.
Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many ___.
We are the ___. He is the vine.
His blessings are not based on whether you __ them.
Joseph rode his chariot to ___to meet his father.
Jesus raised the ___.
Joseph's younger brother
___brought Joseph's brothers to Egypt to ask for food.
Grace looks past what you ___.
A branch that doesn't remain in Him ____.
God changed Jacob's name to __
Apart from God, we can do ___
Joseph was an interpreter of ___.
When will God forsake you?
Jesus will never leave or ___.
He made us perfect forever by his ___.
Joseph's age when he entered Pharaoh's service.
Your best efforts do not affect the ___.
With him all things are ___.
Believing is ___.
It is for ___Christ set us free.
Apart from Him, we can do ___.
Joseph's was sold into
Jacob's favorite son
Means God with man.
Prophesied that a virgin would have a son.
The number of Jacob's sons.