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Meet Mr. Twain--or Is it Mr. Clemens?

Illuminating Literature:  When World Collide
CHESS Thursday Academic Co-op
Became an apprentice and later a pilot on one of these
Denounced violence against this group
His steamboat was fired upon during this war
His wife's father demanded these types of letters before Sam could marry his daughter
Where he wrote "Puddin'head Wilson"
His adventures in the Holy Land can be found in....
His story about this animal was an instant hit in the New York Saturday Press
A book he wrote about his trip to Europe after his son died
Who he often blamed when people in his family died
Had to learn to write left-handed because of this
Livy's nickname for him
Paid $25 per week for this job
A quote from his novel compared his wife to this place
Published these about former-president Ulysses S. Grant
The comet visible on the day of his birth and death
One book he liked to read
Loved technology but refused to invest in this because the service was so bad
His brother who died in a boiler explosion
His pseudonym, used first in 1863
The shape of the summerhouse where he wrote most of his most famous works
Who he blamed for all his losses in life
These were his friends growing up. He listened to and later used their dialect in his work.
What the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" was referred to as
State where he was born
This family member died when Sam was only 11
When he played billiards, he also enjoyed several....
He had a son and____daughters