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Biology 1330 Vocabulary Review

The capacity to do work
The outcome of differences in survival and reproduction among individuals that vary in details of heritable traits
Number of protons + number of neutrons
Type of reasoning used to form a hypothesis (general to specific)
Atoms of an element with different numbers of neutrons
a unit composed of two or more atoms joined together by chemical bonds
Smallest particles that retain properties of an element
Change in the structure of DNA
use of creative thinking to combine isolated facts into a cohesive whole (specific to general)
a substance composed of only one type of atom
Gives an individual an advantage in survival or reproduction
A hypothesis that has been tested for its predictive power many times and has not yet been found incorrect
Genetically based change in a line of descent over time
a substance composed of 2 or more elements that have been joined by chemical bonds
a combination of 2 or more substances that do NOT chemically bond