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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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1.2 Science in Context

Peer review: reviewers look for _______ in a another scientists work
Avoiding Bias: Bias is a __________ point of view, rather than being objective.
Avoiding Bias: Data can be ______________ by scientists who want to prove a particular point.
Scientific attitudes: Asking questions and always wanting to learn more, they have ___________.
Sharing knowledge: Results from one study may lead to new ________
Scientific theories are not 'hunches', they are the ________ view among scientists
Scientific attitudes: Good scientists refuse to accept explanations without evidence. They use ___________.
Peer review: reviewers look for _________ in a another scientists work
Science, Ethics, and Morality: Science cannot answer questions about the _______ of life.
Scientific Theories: A scientific theory is a well-tested _________ that unifies a broad range of observations & hypotheses.
Science and society: The way science is used should be guided by moral _________.
Sharing knowledge: The results on one study may spark new ___________ that will need to be explored
Science and society: Should your genetic information be kept _________, or government have access?