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Spelling List 7

Teacher: Mrs. Gillespie
The 1st grader did this with 1+1 and got 2.
I have to take the pot ___ the stove.
You might have to do this with a bag and help your mom with the groceries.
The thing on your jacket (or pants!) that goes up and down.
The kind of blocks we've been using in math.
This is really fun on a snowy hill!
"It used to be so hard to spell it always made me cry!"
If you say "Yes", that means you are _______.
Something you put a stamp on and mail.
Did you see the ______ sunset last night?
Something that is unique is _________.
The _______ popped when he stuck it with a pin.
Please sit _____.
This is the kind of test you will take today!
A seal has two.
Oh no! the movie stopped right in the ______!
I tried to catch the ball but I ______.