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7th Grade CCR Activity 3

A temporary position, that is usually during the summer and unpaid, that gives you experience in the field
A formal document that lists your education accomplishments, and experiences that you give to potential employers (two words)
Attached to your business resume, this letter describes your strengths and experiences (two words)
Payment for your work other than money, like vacation time and insurance
An agreement made between you and your company
Used by employers to make sure you were telling the truth on your business resume (two words)
A way for you to pay for college, is usually awarded based on academic or other achievements
A meeting between you and your potential employer to show why you would make a good employee
A Brief visit to a business where you can observe workers and ask questions
A person who will help you to plan your college classes
All the different ways that you could pay for college (two words)
A person who will tell your potential employer about your strengths and experiences
An experienced worker that you can go to for advice
An education you get after high school