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Writing Vocabulary Crossword

Name: ___________________________________
Section: __________________________________
Date: ____________________________________
The reason you are writing.
The type of writing you are asked to do.
To give a spoken account of.
The central meaning of the narrative.
Is the part of a story's plot line in which the problem of the story is resolved or worked out. This occurs after the falling action and is typically where the story ends.
The character or force causing the problem.
A problem or struggle the characters face. It is arguably the most important element in a fiction because without it there is no movement or point to the narrative.
The main events of a narrative essay, created and presented by the writer as an interrelated sequence.
The character facing the problem.
The people, animals or creatures involved in the story.
The person (people) you are writing for.
The words the characters speak to each other.
Is the turning point of a narrative, the point of highest tension and drama, or it is the time when the action starts during which the solution is given.
Is important background information within a story; for example, information about the setting, characters' backstories, prior plot events.
Where and when (time) the narrative takes place.