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Government and Economics

1 leader with all the power. No real citizen participation.
Economic system based off of supply and demand.
The percentage of people who can read and write.
The level of wealth and material comfort available.
Citizens vote for the legislative branch and the legislative branch chooses the prime minister.
Power is shared between the national government and the smaller political units.
Power is held by the smaller political units or local level of government.
People and the skills and talents they use in order to produce a good or provide a service.
National government holds all of the power.
Products that are made in order to produce other goods or services.
Citizens work to meet the needs of their family and immediate community through hunting and gathering.
Government decides what to produce, how and, for whom.
Things that come naturally from the earth.
Citizens run the government through the right to vote and run for political office themselves.
Citizens elect both the legislature and the president, who is the head of the executive branch.
Combines command and market economies. Some government involvement and some consumer/producer choice.