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Latin American Wars of Indepndence

Author: History Class
the revolt in Haiti that scared Spanish Americans.
made the speech "el grito de Dolores"
people of African and European descent.
caused the spark of widespread drive for independence.
destroyed Napoleons army causing him to leave Haiti
self educated, skillful leader for Haitian rebels.
Mexican priest, Miguel Hidalgo cried for..
the temporary peace the French agreed to
growing population of Native American and European descent.
social and political turmoil led Brazil to become a..
Frances most valued possession in the 1700s.
/Bolivar wanted to unite his liberated lands to make..
Spanish-born that dominated Latin American political and social life.
Bolivar was known a the..
Grand Columbia consisted of Venezuela, Colombia and ..
educated creole, that admired the French and American revolutions.
descent from Incan kings, strongest challenge to Spanish rule by Native Americans.
Venezuelan cowboys
European descendants who owned ranches and mines.
military took over Mexican empire, governing and ruling by ..